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Katrina J.

I’ve never seen this before - they’re so thorough instead of using a “one size fits all” approach and putting you with someone random. I’m so glad I found this practice! 10/10 would recommend.

Isabella G.

I am so glad I found GearingUp! Counseling here is much more than talking or venting. There is a comprehensive program with specific strategies to help - not only with what is going in now, but also any future issues that may arise. It's a full toolbox for finding joy!

Robert H.

This place has been my saving grace. People here do not judge you. They welcome you with open arms, and I've never felt so understood and comforted anywhere else!

Priya W.

Our family has been using random therapists for the last 7 years. We found Gearing Up 2 years ago, and we have seen more progress here than anywhere else. Not only due to the excellent therapists, but also the extensive and accurate testing as well as careful matching between patient and therapist.

Beth K.

GearingUp therapy has been the first in 30 years that has made me feel alive, learn to love my life, and be mindful. Love it. Dr. Sylvia and June are amazing people and therapists. This therapy will allow you to live again.

Cabot B.

As a therapist myself, I was apprehensive of starting therapy. But the knowledge and skill of my therapist quickly became evident.

Kimberlee T.

More than just therapy! GearingUp has been life-changing for me. Not just sitting and talking, but learning and growing.

Amanda D.

Let me just say, I love these people. June has been awesome in helping me with anxiety issues. She has given me the tools to overcome any issue that might arise. This is a very caring group, and they want only what's best for you!

Matthew M.

I have never felt more empowered and in control of my life. I have all the tools I need to relax when I'm anxious and focus on the present moment. The staff are also very friendly and always willing to help.

Cris J.

Awesome staff and psychologists. Flexible scheduling and helpful front desk. Both Dr. Gearings are amazing. GearingUp has been wonderful to work with the whole way through.

Leslie F.

GearingUp has greatly improved my personal life, helped me deal with anxiety and depression, and helped my marital issues. I can't recommend them enough!

Claude R.

I cannot say enough about my experience here. I was taught how to think better about myself, speak nicer to myself, process my thoughts more clearly, and manage my days to their fullest. I regained control of my life, and now I feel whole again. GearingUp allowed me the opportunity to get my control...

GearingUp Clients pay an average copay of $25.

Our clients who use insurance save an average of 82% on the cost of therapy. No outside referral required.

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How GearingUp Works


Quick enrollment process

Answer a few basic questions, send us your insurance card, and we can schedule your initial appointment.


We check your insurance

We’re in-network with most major plans, and we also accept “sliding scale” and out-of-pocket payments.


Start therapy

Your first appointment is all about you – what you’re looking for, how we can help, and making an initial treatment plan with a senior GearingUp clinician.


We're here for you

Contact us anytime if we can help – call or chat, texts or emails, patient portal messages, or live video sessions too.


Switch providers anytime

If it’s not the right fit, easily switch to a new GearingUp therapist for no additional cost.

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Why Choose GearingUp

Flexible Options

Therapy on your terms. Schedule sessions with the comfort of in-person meetings or the convenience of online therapy, or feel free to switch session types whenever you would like. GearingUp gives you 24/7 access through the patient portal to your scheduling details, messaging, billing information, and more.

Access GearingUp from your phone, tablet, or computer whenever it works for you – even after normal business hours. Also, you can switch therapists or therapy styles whenever you would like without starting over. Find the right fit for you.

Multiple Types of Therapy

There is no “one size fits all” therapy. GearingUp clinicians are trained, experienced, or certified in over 20 types of therapy. Testing and diagnostics help our therapists deliver more effective treatment in a shorter amount of time.

GearingUp also offers regular testing and monitoring to track daily and weekly improvements, monitor your progress, and make sure you are meeting your therapy goals. Short term or long term, skills-based or client-directed, integrative or classical – we are ready to use the best therapy style for your particular needs.

Highly Trained Therapists

GearingUp therapists have an average of over 10 years experience as a licensed therapist*. GearingUp invests in our clinical team with new trainings and certifications for every single clinician, every year.

On average, each clinician receives over 75 hours of continuing education per year* in the latest therapies and research. Experienced therapists using the most up to date therapies deliver the best results. (*based on 2022 & 2023 data)

Fast & Easy Scheduling

Scheduling your first appointment only takes a few minutes. You can call our office, message our staff, or register online to get started. We often have same-day or next-day appointments available, but GearingUp is committed to seeing all new clients within one week of their first call.

Answer a few questions, send us your payment and insurance information, and we can schedule your intake appointment with one of our senior clinicians to get started.

GearingUp vs. Other Therapists

GearingUpOther online therapy optionsOther in-person therapists

Licensed therapists

Online video or phone sessions

In-person office sessions

Hour-long individual therapy sessions

Therapist matching by senior clinicians, not algorithms

Diagnostics and testing for effective therapy

Digital worksheets and homework from your therapist

Weekly progress monitoring and reports

Fast and easy appointment scheduling

Coordinated care with your doctor or psychiatrist

Accept and bill insurance for you

Sliding scale payment options

Multiple convenient locations

Meet GearingUp's team of licensed therapists

Learn more about our licensed therapists including who they treat, available locations, and 200+ specializations, certifications, treatment types, and therapies offered.

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relationship Issues
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • ADHD Issues
  • OCD
  • Anger Management
  • Personality Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Grief & Loss
  • Parenting & Family
  • Postpartum Issues
  • and more...
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Dr. Sylvia Gearing

Executive Director

Alisha Garcia, LPC

Clinical Supervisor

Omari Smith, LPC

Clinical Supervisor

Melissa Woods, LPC-S, LPA

Assistant Director

June Holcomb, LPC-S, LCDC

Assistant Director

Tammera McClenton, LPC

Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Milton Gearing

Clinical Director

Dr. Nathalie Martinez Raper, LPC-S

Clinical Supervisor

Antonette Anuwe, LPA

Clinical Supervisor

Tasha Willens, LPC

Senior Clinician

Princess Parker, LPC

Clinical Therapist

Mariana Gonzalez, LPC Associate

Clinical Therapist

Maggie Smith, LPC

Clinical Therapist

Unrivaled results backed by verified client data and evidence

GearingUp validates the effectiveness and quality of our care through anonymous client ratings, surveys, and internal clinical data.


of GearingUp client clinical testing data shows “significant improvements” in resolving client issues after 6-12 months of treatment.


of GearingUp clients report that they have made progress since starting with GearingUp.


of GearingUp clients feel that their therapist is effective for their therapy needs.


of GearingUp clients are happy with their therapy at GearingUp.


of GearingUp clients report feeling better since they started therapy at GearingUp.


of GearingUp clients agree that their therapist hears them and understands their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

GearingUp is here to answer all of your questions about therapy, mental health, and more.

Who are GearingUp's therapists?

Every therapist at GearingUp is a verified, licensed clinician who has completed at least a master’s degree or a doctorate degree in a therapy related field. GearingUp also trains and supervises all new therapists who join our clinical staff regardless of their experience level. Our entire clinical team has been qualified, certified, and approved by the appropriate state government agencies and legal standards which requires years of graduate level education, licensing exams, live training, and supervised practice. State licensure also requires at least 3 years of experience in mental health treatment and over 1,000 hours of hands-on therapy experience. There are many different types of licensed therapists depending on their qualifications, training, and more. All of GearingUp’s therapists have attained at least one of the following license types: Clinical Psychologists (PhD / PsyD), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW / LMSW), or Licensed Psychological Associates (LPA). Meet our Therapists

How do I get matched with my therapist?

Therapists should make clinical decisions, not an algorithm. Your initial intake appointment will be with one of our senior therapists where you can share your symptoms, your history, your preferences, and more in a confidential one-on-one session. Once they know what you are looking for, they will suggest a few therapists on our staff that should fit your needs based on their experience, training, personality, and more. GearingUp’s therapists are a diverse set of professionals with different backgrounds, professional experiences, and specializations. Of course, it’s easy to switch therapists if you don’t feel its a good fit.

How long until I talk to a therapist?

We often have same-day or next-day appointments available for new clients, but generally speaking your first therapy appointment will be within one week of contacting our office. Get Started Today

How much does therapy cost at GearingUp?

Pricing largely depends on how you are paying. We are in-network with most major insurance companies, and depending on your insurance coverage your therapy could be free. On average, most clients using insurance pay an average copay of $25-30 per 60 minute individual session. We also offer sliding scale, discounted cash pay, and out-of-pocket options as well for clients without insurance or who do not want to use their insurance. Some employers also cover the cost of therapy, and our office accepts HSA and FSA cards for payment as well as some employer HRA plans. Contact our office to learn more or verify your insurance information!

Does my insurance cover my therapy at GearingUp?

GearingUp is in-network with most major insurance plans, and depending on your benefits your therapy could be free. Most clients using insurance typically pay a copay of $25-30 or less per 60 minute session depending on their benefits. Your employer may also cover all or part of your therapy at GearingUp as well through HRA plans or HSA or FSA accounts. Contact our office today to verify your insurance information!

How long does therapy last at GearingUp?

The length of treatment depends on many variables and is different for each client based on their needs. Some clients feel that they have accomplished their goals after a few weeks or months while others decide to spend a year or more in therapy. You are the best expert on your needs. However if this is a concern, you should talk to your therapist. They may be able to share more information about expected duration of therapy based on your treatment goals, your history, your treatment plan, and more factors. For more information, please feel free to read more about what therapies GearingUp offers.

How does confidentiality and privacy work with my therapist?

Licensed therapists must follow a strict set of rules determined by state and federal laws as well as each state’s licensing board to protect the confidentiality of client sessions. These rules are very strict and rigorously protect your personal information, and GearingUp also implements additional security measures to further protect patient privacy. However, there are legal exceptions to confidentiality that therapists are required to comply with by law. Generally speaking, therapists are required to take action if a client has made a credible threat to harm themselves or someone around them. They are also required to make reports of any abuse against a child, disabled person, or elderly person to the appropriate authorities. Before proceeding with therapy, please make sure to discuss any questions or concerns regarding confidentiality with your therapist. For more information, please refer to GearingUp’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

Can I communicate with my therapist between sessions?

There are multiple ways to communicate with our office between sessions including phone calls, chat, emails, text messages, patient portal messages, and more. Please be aware that all messages may be read and screened by other GearingUp staff and therapists. Out of respect for the privacy, work-life balance, and professional boundaries of our therapists, messages may be held until your next scheduled appointment where your therapist can discuss these messages with you directly. Therapists work with many clients throughout their work week, and they also need their own personal time to relax and recharge so they can show up to your sessions as the best version of themselves to deliver effective therapy. However if you are in crisis or need extra support, our office can schedule emergency sessions for you to meet with your therapist or another GearingUp therapist as soon as possible. Please contact our office if you have further questions or concerns.

Is GearingUp right for my therapy needs?

GearingUp may be the right choice for you if you are looking for therapy services to improve something in your life or work more effectively with challenges. Many clients start therapy simply because they know they want things to change, while others may have a more specific issue or diagnosis and they want professional help to address it. GearingUp can meet you both at the beginning of your journey or already on the path towards improvement. Our staff of highly trained therapists specialize in many issues including anxiety, stress, depression, panic, trauma, self-esteem, anger, sleep issues, relationships, parenting issues, addictions, disordered eating, family conflicts, grief, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more. Learn more about what Therapies we offer, what kinds of Clients we work with, our clinical Specializations, our Testing and diagnostic tools, or Get Started today.
NOTE: If you are in an immediate or urgent crisis or emergency situation, please call 911 or reach out to one of the resources listed on our Emergency Resources page.

How do I know that GearingUp delivers effective therapy?

GearingUp has been delivering therapy in Texas since 1986 with over 500,000 completed therapy sessions. During their careers, the founders of GearingUp, Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Milt Gearing, have been clinical directors for multiple mental health hospitals, completed a post-doctorate with one of the founders of personality disorder treatment Dr. James Masterson, served as psychology and mental health professors at multiple universities, and published multiple books and professional journal articles on the study and practice of psychology. GearingUp therapists have an average of over 10 years experience as a licensed therapist, and each therapist completes an average of 75 hours of continuing education and professional development per year (based on 2022 and 2023 clinician data). Learn more about our Clinical Team.
GearingUp also regularly monitors the quality of care and clinical effectiveness through anonymous client ratings, surveys, and internal clinical data reviews. Based on our clinical testing data, 93% of GearingUp clients show “significant improvements” in resolving their clinical issues after 6-12 months of therapy. Client surveys show that 99% of our clients report that they have made progress on their goals since starting with gearingUp and 100% agreed that they therapist was effective for their therapy needs. Approximately 97% of clients say that they feel better since they have started therapy with GearingUp, and 99% of clients responded that they are happy with their care at GearingUp. Learn more about our Outcomes and Statistics.

Great program run by wonderful people. Very welcome changes in our family dynamics. Thank you GearingUp for being a huge part of the solution.

Renata C.

Professional, compassionate, and effective. The therapy and testing here has been a life changer.

Henry S.

Counseling at GearingUp has been life-changing for me. I have learned so many skills to manage my anxiety and depression. I am very grateful for both the individual and group therapy that I had there.

Joanne C.

I have had an amazing experience with the professionals at GearingUp. I have been treated with care and compassion, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with any personal or relationship issues.

Ian L.

The therapists are highly trained and very professional. I'm a completely different person now thanks to GearingUp (thanks June!).

Noor F.

GearingUp is great! They helped save my marriage!

Randolph H.

It is difficult to find words to express how much my family and I have been helped by GearingUp. I cannot imagine a better place to go. My family and I are truly blessed to have found these kind, wonderful people.

Patricia T.

Very personal but in a good way. My therapist was a lot of fun and a great listener. She turned every experience into a lesson and helped me find myself.

Edward M.