Why did you become a mental health counselor?

Out of the tens of thousands of careers to select from, you chose one that requires years of training and supervision before you’re even licensed to practice. There were definitely easier options. Hopefully, you joined the counseling field for the right reasons.

You actually want to help people.

You want to master the tools of science and psychology to heal shattered hearts and minds. You read books and articles about new theories and treatments that might finally solve a mysterious pattern of behavior or even just help someone get out of bed in the morning. You think of each client as someone’s father, daughter, aunt, or grandson, and they deserve to have a second chance at life as much as anyone. You see each case as a puzzle to be solved and a battle to be won against the legion of addiction, trauma, despair, and more. Maybe you just want to be a guide and help others find their way out of the darkness. Maybe someone guided you once too.

At Gearing Up, we are working to change the mental health care system from the ground up.

We believe that world class care can be delivered to all clients, not just the ones who can pay top dollar. Clinicians can work together as a treatment team under one roof to treat clients holistically and creatively. Clients can actually resolve issues and move on with their lives instead of continuing a cycle of entering and exiting therapy due to a lack of support, money, or resolve. New research and ideas are continuously integrated into the practice and presented to clinicians to enrich client treatment. Treatment teams base their therapy plans around insightful diagnostics, integration of multiple therapy formats (e.g., treatment systems, groups and classes, etc.), and creative problem solving to deliver the best results to the client.

Best of all, clinicians don’t have to choose between making money and feeling fulfilled in their work.

Gearing Up is looking for dedicated and passionate mental health professionals who love the art and science of therapy – fully licensed LPC’s, LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPA’s, and Licensed Clinical Psychologists. We want clinicians who will grow with our practice and work with us to deliver the best mental health care in North Texas.

Here are the other important details:

– Flexible Full-Time Employment with Salary and Commission Payments (starting between $65-75,000 per year for full time positions based on experience and hours worked)
– Bonus and Incentive Structures For New and Different Services (leading new group and class offerings, planned expansion into IOP / “intensive” treatment offerings, mentoring new clinicians, coordination of care for external clinical and forensic issues, etc.)
– Continuing Education and Licensing / Certification Investments and Budget
– Personal Health Care Allowance
– Weekly Training Sessions and Presentations on Continuing Education and Research
– Access To Hands-On Mentoring With Senior Clinicians
– Full Business and Operations Management by Gearing Up ¬– including marketing, accounting, billing, collections, office supplies, and more. So you can focus on your clients.

If Gearing Up sounds appealing, consider this your call to action. Please contact us immediately at (972) 596-7229 to schedule an interview with Dr. Gearing.