Advanced Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness practice is about paying attention to, engaging with, and understanding how our minds work and how they shape our lives.

Advanced Mindfulness Classes

It seems like we hear the word “mindfulness” more than ever these days. After decades of being a relatively niche meditation practice, mindfulness is now commonly mentioned in everyday life and splashed across hundreds of advertisements, self-help books, phone apps, social media posts, and much more. However, many people are using the word “mindfulness” without understanding how it works in practice, how it has been taught for hundreds of years, and how it can truly change our lives.

At its core, mindfulness practice is about paying attention to, engaging with, and understanding how our minds work and how they shape our lives.

Every single person is different through a combination of genetics, experiences, and more, and each one of us experiences the world and our lives in slightly different ways because of these factors. A particular combination of experiences may make us more prone to anxiety, or a genetic predisposition may cause us to experience dysregulation or even trauma more deeply than other people. Sitting with and understanding how we experience our life moment to moment unlocks our ability to change it, and mindfulness practice provides us a way to train our awareness and focus our attention when we choose to in the present moment and without judgment.

Once you have completed the introductory course and established a regular mindfulness meditation practice, you will be ready to begin exploring more advanced topics and concepts, learning new meditation practices, and taking another step on your path of self-discovery. These advanced mindfulness classes are taught through a series of short courses focused on intensive work on a single topic. Short courses may also also build on previous material and “levels of expertise” as well, but all advanced courses serve deep purpose in furthering your mindful awareness. Here are a few advanced mindfulness meditation short course topics:

  • Developing Joy and Gratitude
  • Accessing the Heart of Compassion
  • Equanimity In The Face of Adversity
  • Combining Formal and Informal Mindfulness Practice
  • Revisiting the Deep Wisdom of Past Mindfulness Teachers
  • Mindfulness In Relationships
  • How Mindfulness Enhances Our Work
  • Balancing Concentration and Mindful Awareness

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