Cultivating A Life Worth Living

Therapy is about more than just the hard times. While many therapists only focus on current problems, Gearing Up transitions clients from resolving current issues towards learning the invaluable skills that will help them create a life full of meaning, success, and happiness. GearingUp uses the tools of therapy such as mindfulness meditation and gratitude practices to teach clients how to create a life full of joy, connection, and love.

Each and every person defines “A Life Worth Living” for themselves. For some it’s a life full of adventure and new people, places, and things, but for others its the quiet life surrounded by their favorite things and cherished memories. The process begins by working with you to find what you define as your dream for your life. Once we’ve defined some goals, how do we work towards them in a healthy and constructive manner? Many clients are surprised by just how much their thoughts and behaviors shape their day to day lives, and this process begins the work of shaping your experiences towards fulfilling your goals.

Perhaps a deep phobia of flying has held you back from booking that trip, or you want to be a bit more athletic before hiking a mountain range. Social anxiety has prevented many people from things like taking a cooking class or trying out for the community theater. Maybe a life worth living for you is simply being more in touch with yourself and deepening your connection with the people you love. Every single one of these issues and much more can be addressed with GearingUp’s clinical team and therapies. Give us a call today or speak with your therapist to begin creating the life you have always wanted to live!