Child and Adolescent Specialists

We have been serving children, adolescents, and their parents in Texas for over thirty-five years.

In just the last few years, rates of depression and anxiety around the world have hit new record highs. The CDC reported that 57% of girls (up from 36% in 2011) and 29% of boys now report significant and chronic sadness and hopelessness in 2021. Every parent hears about mental health concerns in children and teens regularly, and many of us understand that it’s a worldwide struggle that only seems to be getting worse as the years go on. However, the crisis does not necessarily need to continue.

Through structured and evidence-based therapies, children and teens share the same high rates of recovery as adult therapy patients. GearingUp’s talented therapists are specialists in child and adolescent treatments, and our team has successfully treated hundreds of children, teens, and their families with our remarkable DBT and CBT programs for adolescents and children. GearingUp’s internal testing and research confirm these findings with over 90% of our clients showing significant improvements in resolving their issues after 6-12 months of treatment with our team. 

Therapy programs must be developed with intention, and child and adolescent programs must be made with them specifically in mind. All of our child and adolescent programs were developed by Dr. Sylvia Gearing in coordination with our Child and Adolescent Treatment Team to ensure effective strategies and customized methods for children and teens were included from the beginning. Dr. Gearing infused all of these programs with her vast knowledge of evidence based research and the latest therapy methods. In addition, she brings decades of experience treating all ages in private practice as well as running hospital units both for generalized treatment programs (outpatient and inpatient) as well as specialist programs such as eating disorder recovery, child behavioral units, and more.

If you are interested in your child or teenager working with our clinical team, please give us a call today or message us on our Contact page!