Individual Counseling

Gearing Up values personalized, thoughtful, and expertly delivered individual counseling that is carefully planned, utilizes cutting edge research, and is always custom tailored to our clients’ needs. We are dedicated to APA endorsed evidence-based treatment models to build active coping skills, prepare clients for real-time responses, and work with our clients to build their best life. We are one of the largest and longest running mental health clinics in North Texas, and we are experts at targeting, treating, and resolving mental health issues.

To ensure that we get it right, all new clients meet with one of the owners and psychologists of Gearing Up, Dr. Sylvia Gearing or Dr. Milton Gearing, for an initial consultation. The initial consult allows you to talk directly with the head clinicians, ask any questions about how we treat or how counseling works, and make an initial treatment plan to effectively address your issues.

During this initial interview, we take a brief history, understand any previous treatment experiences, review medications, make an initial treatment plan, answer any questions, and explain the various treatment programs offered at Gearing Up. If we think it would be beneficial, we may refer you to our testing and diagnostics department for additional psychological testing to refine our understanding of your presenting issues and concerns (particularly if there is a potential physical risk to yourself or others) or resolve any questions about diagnosis and medication.

In our individual sessions, we start by building a narrative of your history, your family background, your current coping skills and strategies, and your specific goals for therapy. Once we have thoroughly evaluated and assessed all of these factors, we present a final treatment plan that includes a prescribed treatment regiment, recommended programs and therapies, and a custom designed roadmap to meet your treatment goals. Our top priority is delivering the best therapy possible to our clients. We work hard to create treatment plans that can be covered by your insurance and your personal budget.

Weekly meetings with your expertly trained, practiced, and licensed clinician in individual therapy will show you how to retake control of your mind and build the skills and strategies of a successful and happy life. Individual therapy is your weekly touchstone to learn new skills, process and understand events in your life, and forge a new path forward. While individual therapy can be extremely effective on its own, research suggests results can be super charged by pairing individual with group skills sessions. As a team, you and your individual therapist will collaborate to understand and address what’s been holding you back and create the life you’ve always wanted.