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PSYCHOPATHS - The Ten Types of Psychopaths, Part 2 - By Chris Gearing

Monday, November 24, 2014

Watch Dr. Sylvia Gearing share the final five types of psychopaths and discuss examples using characters from Game of Thrones! click here.

A solid understanding of how psychopaths function can help you see them coming. However, psychopaths have individual characteristics central to their typology.

To give you a better idea of each typology, I’ve matched each type of psychopath with a character from Game of Thrones.

So, there are some light Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. (Spoiler Alert! Final Warning!)

Here is part two of the top ten types of psychopaths from psychologists Millon and Davis:

The Explosive Psychopath

The explosive psychopath has immediate and frequent access to their rage. Their emotionally intense outbursts are levied against those who are innocent or vulnerable or if that fails - just the closest target. They are differentiated from the other psychopaths by their tendencies to erupt instantaneously and to attack their foe savagely within second. They are sadistic and utterly savage when they lose their cool.

The eye-gouging, head-crushing unstoppable warrior The Mountain is a great example of the Explosive Psychopath. His fits of violence are explosive and devastating, and they are often tinged with cruelty and savagery.

The Abrasive Psychopath

Oppositional and surly, the abrasive psychopath resembles a rebellious teenager in the throes of separating and individuation. However, these enduring and defining personality traits make them difficult to deal with since they are unable to build deep relationships and they absolutely cannot be trusted. They always have a wicked insult ready to fire, but they will often complain that they have no wish to argue with others. However, the reality is that they relish their contemptuous stance and feel entitled to do and say anything that they please. They have no remorse for even the greatest cruelty.

Everyone’s favorite sellsword, Bronn, fits the Abrasive Psychopath typology. He will do whatever it takes to win an argument or a duel, and he is willing to sell his loyalty to the highest bidder – no matter what or whom he betrays.

The Malignant Psychopath

Driven by paranoid beliefs, the Malignant Psychopath follows power hierarchies and their distrust and envy of others frames their worldview. Unlike other psychopaths, they are often less effective and their efforts to inflict pain on others tend to backfire. They have endured terrible abuse from others, and they see the world as a very dangerous place. They resort to fantasy rather than action, and they invent scenarios that cast other people and the environment in dark and menacing tones. They ruminate on imagined malice from others and they project their own evil intentions onto those around them, whether they are innocent or guilty.

The last male heir of the House of Greyjoy, Theon Greyjoy fits the malignant psychopath typology both before and after his transformation into Reek. He is obsessed with power, and he uses violence to maintain control of any given situation.

The Tyrannical Psychopath

This cool and cunning form of psychopath seems to be stimulated by the vulnerability of others. They love to subordinate and even subjugate their victims, and often delight in their fear, humiliation, and intimidation. They will target those they predict will submit while avoiding those more likely to fight back. Violence is second nature and they use it willingly to fulfill their vengeful plans. They relish the memories of their victim’s suffering and they often review their conquests with great amusement and pleasure.

When it comes to the power game, few are more effective than Tywin Lannister. He dominates those he feels are weak, yet yields to the chosen few who have more power than him – for now. He also carries deep seated grudges against those he feels have wronged him or his family name, and he has no qualms with using violence and treachery to get what he wants.

The Malevolent Psychopath

Cold blooded and ruthless, the malevolent psychopath is usually what people think of when they hear the word “psychopath.” Typically found in sadistic and or paranoid personalities, they are intolerant of tender emotions and are convinced that such behaviors are manipulative and meant to hurt them. They love power and will demonstrate that power through the deliberate mistreatment of others. When frustrated or thwarted by their attempts to dominate, they will demonstrate raw cruelty and arrogant contempt. Many murders and serial killers fall in this category.

The sickest of them all, Ramsay Snow or Ramsay Bolton is a perfect malevolent psychopath. He delights in the torture and domination of others, and he uses emotions against his victims – giving them a glimmer of hope only to ruthlessly crush it. It’s also pretty clear that he loves to torture and murder people in his dungeon.

What do you think of all of the psychopath typologies and their Game of Thrones counterparts? Can you come up with better matches? Please sound off in the comments below or visit our Facebook pageto share your ideas and continue the discussion!


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