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PSYCHOPATHS – Spotting The Psychopath Next Door, Part 4 - By Chris Gearing

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Watch Dr. Sylvia Gearing share the final five signs of psychopaths and how you can spot the psychopaths in your life - click here.

Psychopaths live among us.

They can be found in prisons and the criminal organizations you would expect, but they also have a grip on many of the power centers of our society. They are quite common in the fields of politics, business, the professions (law, medicine, etc.), and in your neighborhood. They walk among us silently and without notice, and they are often difficult to detect due to their charming personalities and well-honed ability to manipulate and deceive us.

Despite the ten different types of psychopaths, there seems to be a very useful system for spotting them called the Hare Psychopathy Checklist—Revised.

Here are Hare’s final five common characteristics of psychopaths:

16. Externalizing Blame

Accountability is not in their vocabulary. They blame everyone else for what went wrong and deny their part in any wrongdoing.

17. Unable To Commit

Long-term commitment is difficult and avoided at all costs. Psychopaths may enter and exit many marriages without achieving a true attachment to any partner. People are objects to be used until a better, more alluring partner appears.

18. Juvenile Delinquency

They often get in trouble with the law early in life. Defiant to the end, they are not intimated by the legal system or any form of authority.

19. Rebuking Authority

A running theme, any form of authority is to be disobeyed and, if possible, undermined. Even with lesser forms of oversight like probation, they feel compelled to rebel and often commit yet another infraction that results in more severe consequences.

20. Opportunistic Criminals

Criminal activity can take thousands of forms and can be found at every level of society. Psychopaths are experts at finding illegal opportunities to engage in. The depth and range of criminal activity reinforces the psychopathic mindset of “the ends justify the means.”


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