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Panic Attacks - How We Treat Panic Attacks - By Chris Gearing

Friday, May 24, 2013

Watch Dr. Sylvia Gearing describe how Gearing Up treats panic attacks and some of the most effective treatments for panic attacks - click here.

Panic attacks can begin without warning and without any apparent cause.

These intense episodes of discomfort and anxiety can be highly disruptive and severely upsetting, especially when they interfere with everyday tasks that should be easy.

Panic attacks can redefine how we see ourselves and how we measure our effectiveness in life. If they become frequent and severe enough, they can alter how we act and create significant obstacles in our lives. People with this condition tend to narrow their activities to reduce their exposure to vulnerable situations. They avoid the elevator and the highway in an effort to limit their anxiety. They plan their lives around the central goal of remaining calm.

Panic attacks can be highly disruptive since they tend to interfere with work and professional responsibilities. The public embarrassment of having a panic attack in front of your colleagues can derail an otherwise distinguished career.

At Gearing Up, we are familiar with the challenges of panic disorders. We use the latest research and scientifically proven therapy techniques, and we are confident that panic attacks can be treated with the correct approach. Here are some of the steps we take to treat panic attacks:

Panic Fingerprint:

Panic attacks can start for many reasons. The first thing we do is to help you understand your individual cycle of panic. At some point, your stress and anxiety led to a physical state of panic. Frightening thoughts of being helpless flooded your mind, and now you are probably experiencing anticipatory anxiety or the worry that another panic attack is around the corner.

Defeating Self-Fulfilling Prophecies:

Anxious people tend to expect their next panic attack to occur at the drop of a hat. They worry that they won’t be able to resolve the issue and that things will only get worse. They are convinced that they will fail and that the worst outcome is inevitable. We work with you to change how you think about situations and to shift the thoughts and beliefs going through your mind. Your thoughts can lead to panic or to peace, and they are key to defeating panic and anxiety.

Accurate Perceptions:

Our therapists will teach you how to correct your perception of other people and events so that they are more accurate and effective. We work with you to look at your perceptions and evaluate them for accuracy. We teach you the best strategies for combating negative thoughts and how to reduce your fear and anxiety.

Positive Emotions Flourish:

Accurate perceptions enhance your ability to manage your emotions. Positive emotions can finally take root and flourish once we have banished our automatic negative thoughts. When we have our thoughts under control, we can begin the real work of creating a happy and sustainable life.

Panic attacks can be very serious. If you think someone you know may experience panic attacks, please seek the assistance of a clinical psychologist.

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