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Tiger Woods' Infidelity - By Chris Gearing

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger Wood’s Infidelity Ordeal

December 3, 2009 

Dr. Sylvia Gearing, TXA 21 News

Superstar golfer Tiger Woods has now joined the long list of celebrities who have been unfaithful in their marriages. To add to the scandal, recently released phone calls and 300 text messages between the golfer and his affair partner have highlighted the central part technology plays in modern affairs.

As we see in the Tiger Woods story, technology is so central to cheating now. Why is this phenomenon increasing?

Technological Superhighway: Technology is the communication superhighway that facilitates clandestine contact. If you want to move with stealth and with speed, you move with technology. Now with a simple cell phone, you can orchestrate an entire rendezvous quickly. Having an affair has never been easier.

Technology Hides Lying: It is also easier to lie with technology. Seventy two percent of lying occurs through technology. Cell phones, texting and Internet chatter are rife with deceit. It is easier to craft a lie when you are not facing the recipient.

Social Networking Sites Increasing: Face book claims to have 350 active users with 35 million people updating their profiles on a daily basis. More than 65 million use their mobile devices to stay connected. Such sites, while laden with social benefits, are easily misused to facilitate affairs.

With this year of busted affairs and scandals, it may seem like powerful men are cheating more often. Here’s why:

Men and women have always cheated but technology is making it more difficult to hide. But there are several personality factors that explain the increase in infidelity in the “Age of Celebrity.”

Driven Personalities: Tiger Woods is known for his self-discipline and elegance on the links. Unfortunately, highly driven personalities may also lapse into impulsive, irrational behaviors that are counter to their public image.

Strengths Become Weaknesses: Over time, the very strengths that account for their achievements—that self-discipline, self- control and single mindedness--can result in disastrous lapses of judgment. Fueled by an impossible schedule and long absences from home, they may lose that internal compass that has served them so well.

Self-Importance Increases: Oftentimes, the perks allotted to celebrities can create an exaggerated sense of entitlement and self-importance. They can engage in self destructive, impulsive behaviors because they feel entitled to play by a different set of rules. In their own minds, they rationalize their misbehavior or disregard it altogether.

Let’s not forget that there was a female side to the equation, too. Why do so many women pursue these public figures, even when they obviously know that they are married?

Aggressive Women: We underestimate the predatory nature of women, especially when competing for powerful men. Young women cheat more than men now and they crave the aura of influential partners. Celebrities are viewed as special conquests. The affair partner elevates her status by aligning with a powerful man. He is a “notch” in her belt.

Star Power Increases Propositioning: Eighty seven percent of men claim that they have been approached for a short-term sexual fling. Male celebrities have many more propositions because of their star power. According to one study, seventy percent of married celebrities with a net worth of over 10 million dollars have strayed.

Men are Beguiled by Beauty: Men are drawn to the visual and beautiful women have intense influence with most men. Male celebrities whose fame is often based on charisma and attractiveness value such qualities in affair partners. Women spend nearly ten times as much on beauty enhancing products when compared to men.

And finally, the number one question that I hear in my marriage counseling sessions when adultery has occurred: Is it possible to salvage the marriage?

Affairs change a relationship forever. It is a wound that many marriages cannot survive. However, marriages that continue after affairs require the following steps:

Technological Transparency: As we saw in the Woods case, technology was a huge part of the deceit. New standards of absolute transparency must be instituted and observed rigidly. The motto needs to be, “lose the technology, and gain the wife.”

New Limitations on Freedom: Unlimited freedom creates opportunity, which can create impulsive behavior. If you have cheated, you must restrict your behavior and rigorously self monitor. Inevitably, you will encounter new temptations and it is up to you to make the right call.

New Emotional Accountability: Choosing to stay after infidelity requires a new definition of the marital expectations and a massive determination on both partner’s part. Most of all, post affair marriages must have emotional accountability on the betrayer’s part. In turn the betrayed party must demonstrate a willingness to forgive and to create a new relationship.

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