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Team Players Are Better Players - By Chris Gearing

Monday, May 28, 2012

Watch Dr. Sylvia Gearing on discuss why team players are actually more effective overall - click here.

The business world can be a cut-throat environment. Many people resort to all kinds of back-stabbing and finger pointing just to protect their career.

However, a new study from the Journal of Sports Sciences has found that team players enhance not only their team’s performance, but also their own performance. The study found that if you focus on your team’s strength and utilizing everyone’s skills to achieve the goal, you will often feel more confident and less anxious. A great team atmosphere can lead to less wasted time, higher levels of focus, and ultimately higher performance! Team players can really draw out everyone’s abilities so that the team can really impress the boss. Truly, a win-win.


Men’s Health, March 2012

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