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New Moon Rising - By Chris Gearing

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Rising

November 19, 2009

Dr. Sylvia Gearing, TXA 21 News

With the highly anticipated premiere of “New Moon” in theaters tomorrow, millions of girls and women are once again lining up to enjoy the latest installment of the Twilight series. But why do women of all ages find the Twilight series so fascinating?

“Twilight” has captured the international female audience of all ages. What is the magic of these stories for women?

Vampire stories have generated female attention for hundreds of years and the Twilight series is the latest version of this psychological phenomenon.

Sexual Tension: These stories have a well-crafted sexual tension that permeates every scene. Gorgeous men, a darling heroine and the vampire theme all build the tension and intrigue.

Women and Heartbreak: Women love romantic sagas. Every woman, at any phase of her life, can relate to at least one of these characters. We’ve all been adored, rejected, and reborn in a new love affair—even with the same partner-- at some point in our lives.

The Shy Girl Wins: The central female lead, Bella, is naturally self-effacing, socially awkward, pale, uncoordinated and humble, which increases our identification with her. We love seeing her win when she captures the hearts of two superhero hunks.

Dedicated Love: The Twilight series hits all the high points of a forbidden love that prevails against all odds. The competition is scintillating and women love to be fought for. This drama inspires our own hopes that a man will gift us with that kind of regard.

Love in Peril: The stories also include all aspects of romantic love in peril—abandonment, attraction to a second hero, obsession with reunion, high-risk behavior and unconditional love.

Women love male leads who are dangerous and somewhat mysterious. Here’s why:

Magnetic and Mysterious Men: Women love the magnetic, mysterious stranger who epitomizes charisma, self-confidence and super human sex appeal. Attractive people you just met can literally elevate your levels of the “romantic love” brain chemical, dopamine.

Testosterone and Attractiveness: Women are attracted to assertive, intelligent, tall men with low voices who can kiss well. They love guys with distinctive cheekbones, a strong jaw line, and a “V line physique” which all indicate high testosterone.

Dangerous Passion: Danger stimulates passion. Women love the thrill of being saved and protected by men. In fact, studies show that spontaneous attraction can flare when adrenaline is flowing.

Most readers and fans of the series tend to pick one of the male leads to “cheer on.” You may wonder why the fans are so divided.

Women and girls are psychologically drawn to totally different types of men:

The Edward Cullen Effect: A woman loves the guy who listens without fail and soothes and reassures while cherishing every flaw she has. He is poetic in his affection. Women desire the unyielding devotion that never fades when life becomes ordinary. They love men who are protective, aloof, and sophisticated (loves classical music and has impeccable grooming.)

The Jacob Black Rush: Jacob is all about fun and adventure and has a great group of friends. He rescued the heroine while campaigning for her affection. He is the king of adrenaline—always looking for new adventures such as riding motorcycles and extreme sports like cliff diving.

So, guys, what can you learn right now to change your relationship? Become a master of relating.

Masterful relating with women requires a rigorous dedication to emotionally intelligent communication that begins with rapport.

Here are the three rules of relating to women that work every time —look at her, talk to her, and coordinate your body language with hers.

Three Steps to Building Instant Rapport with Women:

1. Look at Her: The Eye Lock is amazing. Mutual and intense eye gazing is key for women in becoming attracted to a man. Men who sweep their eyes (respectfully) over women can be arousing. Studies have found that even with total strangers continuous “eye lock” can lead to attraction.

2. Talk to Her: Ask questions and listen with utter attention. Remember that attention alone is not enough. Use a soothing tone of voice and pleasant facial expressions.

3. Nonverbal Duet: Keep your movements precise, relaxed and open. Use the emotional “back channels” such as pacing, timing and animated body movements. People who are into each other appear engrossed, enchanted and elated with the conversation. Nothing else matters when they are together!

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