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Does Testosterone Tank In Marriage? - Nov 1, 2007

Does Testosterone Tank in Marriage?

November 1, 2007

Dr. Sylvia Gearing, TXA 21 News

A new international study reports that being married may not be good for a man's testosterone. Researchers are now reporting that men all over the world who marry and become fathers experience a serious drop in their "mojo!" Here to tell us more is Channel 21 Contributing Psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Gearing.

Q: What is going on here? Is marriage bad for a guy's sexuality?

Dr. Sylvia: No, marriage is actually quite good for a man's sexuality since we know that married people have more frequent sex than single folks. Despite this fact, once men partner and are settled into a comfortable relationship, their testosterone will likely drop. It will drop again when they become dads.

Q: Why does this important hormone tend to drop in married guys?

Dr. Sylvia: Comfort, familiarity and routine tend to contribute to lowering testosterone. In many ways, this pattern makes perfect evolutionary sense. If a married man continues to be driven by testosterone surges, he is more likely to stray. Mother Nature likes stable family units, and a lowered testosterone level keeps the male safely in place at home.

Q: Does testosterone drop in other situations?

Dr. Sylvia: Men have a highly responsive testosterone system that can rise and fall according to the situation in which they find themselves. For example, wrestlers who drive themselves to their physical limit experience a testosterone drop similar to a castrated male. However, the minute the wrestler competes, the hormone will zoom upward.

Q: Is a committed guy less interested in sex?

Dr. Sylvia: Not at all, since studies consistently argue that married men have more sex than single men. The married man's testosterone is just used now for one partner. Here are the facts:

Better Sex When Married: Most married people have better sex. The longer a couple is together, the better their technique! The bottom line is that the natural familiarity of marriage does not dampen sexual interest.

More Frequent Sex: Married men average twice a week sex compared to around once a week for most single guys. However, a single man is 20 times more likely to be celibate than a married man.

Q: What about those guys out there who maintain high testosterone irrespective of whom they are with?

Dr. Sylvia: Elevated testosterone is correlated with cockiness. These guys tend to struggle more often in love. Previous research from the 1990's revealed that high-testosterone men typically sabotage their relationships. They are usually 'Type A's and highly driven, all characteristics that make them "relationship-challenged." They are less likely to marry at all and have a higher frequency of divorce due to infidelity or abusiveness.

Q: What is the bottom line on marriage and sex for men?

Dr. Sylvia: There are three points to remember:

Buffer Against Stress: Marriage is great emotionally for men and even better for their sex lives, despite the fact that their testosterone may not be as high as their single buddies.

Marriage Pays in the End: Married men also win economically since married households accumulate more than twice the income of singles.

Longevity Increased: In the long run, you'll live longer as a married man, since mortality rates of single men are 250% higher than married men!

So by staying married, a man is more likely to live to a hardy old age while having great sex and counting his money!