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Do Celebrities Have Better Love Lives? - Nov 15, 2007

Do Celebrities Have Better Love Lives?

November 15, 2007

Dr. Sylvia Gearing, TXA 21 News

Celebrities in the news have become an American obsession in recent years. Whether we're hearing about Paris or Brittany's latest challenges, most of us find the lives of celebrities fascinating. Now a new survey reports that along with all that money and fame, many celebrities also report a better sexual lifestyle. Here to help us sort all this through is Channel 21 Contributing Psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Gearing.

Q: What does this new study suggest about celebrity sex lives?

Dr. Sylvia: Celebrities can be incredibly charismatic but unfortunately, they can also use their celebrity status to acquire partners. This survey polled over 1,000 celebrities including actors, musicians and models who were at least 25 years old with a minimum net worth of $10 million. Although most of them were married, nearly 70% of the men and almost 80% of the women reported at least one incidence of infidelity. Compared to the national average of around 16%, these figures are over the top!

Q: Were they more likely to have many partners over the lifecycle?

Dr. Sylvia: Yes, without a doubt, most of them can accumulate partners with ridiculous ease. Again, their magnetic personalities obviously enable them to accomplish this. The American average for sexual partners stands at 7 over the lifecycle. These folks averaged around 80 partners over the course of their lives and sought out these liaisons while away from home.

Q: Why does celebrity status make a difference in this department?

Dr. Sylvia: Without a doubt, celebrities have some advantages that most of us do not enjoy, since they are instantly endowed with an aura of influence and power. Leveraging that influence becomes a sport to them and they enjoy the "rush" of collecting new partners. They may become addicted to the "newer and shinier" partner and over time, may consider partners interchangeable. However, the targeted lover has a huge responsibility in this too since they are willingly buying into this narcissistic glow the celebrity projects.

Q: Why are celebrities looking for novelty in their partners?

Dr. Sylvia: We know that many celebrities achieved their status not only through luck and talent but also through a concerted belief in their own self-importance and magnificence. Unfortunately, their self-absorption can increase, as the spotlight burns ever brighter. The latest partner becomes an extension of their own idealized self-image and they seek the younger, sleeker, tighter bodies to provide that needed boost.

Q: So the chances of these relationships lasting are minimal?

Dr. Sylvia: If arrogance and grandiosity increase beyond a certain point, entitlement tends to balloon exponentially. The celebrity can then become a sexual collector, and genuine emotional investment in anyone other than himself is difficult. He may retain his marriage to protect his self-image and may even genuinely love his wife. However, he begins to consider the infidelity a reward for all his enormous success. In the end, this is a very dangerous game for anyone who tangles with a celebrity on the prowl.

Q: What are the warning signs if we encounter a married celebrity seeking our companionship?

Dr. Sylvia: Here are three signs that you may be in trouble:

Protect Yourself: First of all, if a married celebrity is propositioning you, he is looking for one thing! Look past his super model appearance and remember that he probably has the moral development of a two year old! If you think of it that way, he suddenly doesn't seem so enchanting!

Illusions of Romance: Remember that this is a person who is in the business of entertaining and creating illusions. As a professional performer, he considers you just a member of his latest audience.

Dumped in the End: Last of all, remember that exciting and gorgeous doesn't mean goodness and romance. This is most likely "Mr. Right Now," not "Mr. Right: and this kind of "relationship" is more likely to lead you off a cliff rather than down the "aisle."